About the Pong.

You may know me from pirate film and tv streaming sites comment-sections. You may know me as the assassin that destroyed you in Counter-Strike 1.6. You may know me as the one who kicked you in the face with my barefoot, then ran away before you could call your mates. Or you may not know me at all. There are many stories and they are mostly delusions -just like anything.


Once, i was a troll under a bridge. They say you can take the troll out of the bridge but you can never take the bridge out of the troll. They poured madness into the water, AND, they ran fibre-optic cable under the water, WHICH, the zombie-fish nibbled down to the luminous data… a troll eats the fish… bio-electric data-transferral: a once in a hundred lifetimes opportunity to evolve in a JUMP! -troll luminosity!- oh! to release the lumpen soul.

I am a bridge.